Are you a couple from Germany looking to get married and dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding in one of the Nordic countries? Then Denmark should certainly be considered as your wedding location. With its beautiful nature and cozy atmosphere, Denmark stands out from the crowd, and it’s not even far away from Germany if you wish to bring your entire circle of friends and family along!

How to marry in Denmark

Denmark is a popular travel destination for international couples looking to get married, This is primarily due to the simple and uncomplicated wedding process. Denmark has liberal marriage laws, which allow couples from all over the world to tie the knot with minimal bureaucracy. The Danish government requires fewer documents than many other countries, and the entire process can often be completed within a few weeks – a welcome piece of news for couples wanting to get married quickly. Getting married in Denmark as a German citizen is surprisingly straightforward. Firstly, you must submit an application along with some necessary documents, such as a passport and birth certificate, to the Danish marriage office. Denmark does not require couples to have a permanent address in the country, making it much easier for international couples to plan their wedding here.

After submitting the application, the Danish authorities review the documents to ensure everything is in order. This process is typically quick, and many couples receive approval within a few weeks. Afterwards, you can plan your ceremony in any Danish city or municipality that offers marriage services. From idyllic beaches to historic castles and modern city halls, Denmark offers a sea of options when it comes to choosing romantic places to get married.

Marriage recognized in Germany

Once you are married in Denmark, your marriage in Denmark is recognized in Germany. You do not need to undergo any further process of legalization for your marriage to be considered valid at home. This is because Denmark and Germany are both EU member states, and there is mutual recognition of official documents between the countries. The only thing you might need to do is obtain an apostille for your marriage certificate, which is a form of international notarial certification. 

While the process is simple, planning is key to a smooth wedding. Consider hiring a wedding planner specialized in destination weddings in Denmark to help coordinate the details – from paperwork to the ceremony’s setting. This can be especially useful if you do not speak Danish. An experienced planner can also help navigate the local laws and ensure that your day goes without a hitch.

You should also consider the season for your wedding. Denmark is beautiful all year round, but each season offers unique experiences – from the long, bright days of summer to the cozy and intimate atmosphere of winter.

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