Quick marriage in Denmark: Get married fast!

Getting married in Denmark can be a swift and straightforward process if you follow certain tips and guidelines. It is possible to get married in only 10 days in Denmark, which is why international couples from around the world choose Denmark as their wedding destination.

We have gathered our best tips to make sure your wedding will happen as fast as possible. 

Hire a wedding agency

To start with, we highly recommend opting for the services of a professional wedding agency. This is a crucial first step. Our agency is well-versed in Danish marriage laws and procedures, ensuring a smoother process to make sure your wedding will happen sooner than later. We can assist with navigating the legal requirements and dealing with all the required documents making sure all your documentation lives up to the standard of Danish authorities.

Accurate documentation

The key to a quick marriage in Denmark is having your documentation in order. Ensure all required documents, such as passports, birth certificates, and any other documents you need to provide, are ready and meet the Danish authorities’ standards. At Wedding Planner Denmark we can help you verify that your documents are correctly prepared. This will significantly reduce the processing time to get married in Denmark fast. 

Efficient communication 

Speed is essential if you want to get married within a short timeframe and it’s important that you follow the instructions you are given by our wedding agency. By responding quickly to any requests from us or the Danish authorities you can significantly reduce the waiting time. Don’t forget – we know the application process very well, and are familiar with the standards for your documentation. 

Flexibility with location and date

Once you have received approval for your wedding, you can choose a wedding date. By being flexible in terms of your wedding location, you can have your wedding within a couple of days – some city halls have an online booking system where you can choose the date yourself with instant approval. This can be very helpful, because you don’t have to put in a request for a wedding date and then wait for the city hall to respond. 

Post-wedding formalities 

After the wedding, there might be additional steps to ensure your marriage is recognized in your home country. This may involve obtaining an apostille or going through other formalities. Your wedding agency can help you make sure your marriage in Denmark is recognized in your home country and make sure you have all the necessary documentation for the authorities at home. 

In conclusion

To arrange a quick marriage in Denmark, it’s essential to embrace a few key practices: 

  • Trust and follow the guidance of experienced professionals who understand the Danish wedding process. 
  • Be proactive in implementing their advice, and move swiftly without resisting the established procedures. 
  • Flexibility is crucial, both in choosing your wedding location and the date. 

By adopting these approaches, you can enjoy a smooth and expedited wedding experience in Denmark. Starting early is especially important for those with tight schedules.

Amidst the efficiency and planning, remember to enjoy the process – it’s your wedding date after all! Denmark offers a unique blend of culture and history making it a memorable destination for your wedding. If you’re traveling from abroad to get married in Denmark fast, plan your stay in Denmark. Explore the country’s attractions and make your wedding not just an event, but a memorable holiday.