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The most common questions we are having about getting married in Denmark:

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a wedding planner to have a wedding abroad?

No, you do not. You can do everything independently and under your own steam if you want, and go direct to The Danish Family Court for the application (Familierethuset). But it can be challenging, long-winded, and fraught with delays and hold-ups, and who wants stress and administration with their wedding day?

We will do the official part for you with The Danish Family Court to apply and book the wedding ceremony and registry office.

Do you offer wedding services or wedding elopement services?

We like to keep it easy so you can get married exactly what you want - rather than what we think you want. Keeping the process and experience simple, we do not offer specific packages, as people have different budgets, timeframes, and requirements. But we work with vendors and suppliers in each location and can provide you with information and contact details for most things you may require.

Which service is the cheapest way to get married?

The cheapest way to marry abroad is to be happy to do part of the administration and make the government fee to Denmark directly - this would mean you are getting married in Denmark. With our Basic Service, the price is only 445 Euro.
We help and support you do everything, but it is a partnership between you and more than a full service and managing your wedding.
You can still get married anywhere in Denmark, including a wedding on the Danish Islands, Jutland, near the Danish border, or in Copenhagen City Hall.

How much does it cost to get married?

For a registry office/city hall wedding, the cheapest possible total cost is 445 euros.
This will include everything. There are no hidden extras; everything includes taxes and two copies of the international marriage certificate (Danish, German, English, French & Spanish).

Where is the best place to get married in Europe?

We believe Denmark is the best place to get married in the world. This is because Denmark accepts all forms of love, low cost, easy - yet stylish, and is legally recognized worldwide with minimal paperwork and documents and no lengthy residency requirements.

How quickly can I get married?

For Denmark, from when the application is submitted, in some situations, the government can issue approval in five working days, and once published, you can immediately book a ceremony. So we can proceed as quickly as you can get us the documents, as we are FAST.
If you are flexible on location, you can marry just a few days ahead, and we have helped couples marry in under ten days from application to ceremony. Please note this is a situation dependent on the government office processing time.

Getting married in a registry office, what is involved?

A registry office wedding is a ten-minute verbal civil ceremony that goes with the paperwork part, and you need to have both of these to be legally married. You will be asked short questions to confirm you would like to be married.

When do I get my marriage certificate?

You will receive the marriage certificates straight after your ceremony. If you wish to have them legalized, this takes longer, but we usually have them back to you by courier within four to five days after we receive them.

How long do I need to be in Denmark before my wedding?

This varies from city hall to city hall. However, in Denmark, you will generally need to be there same day presentation.

Please note that some Danish venues will accept the same-day presentation. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Do I need an apostille stamp on my certificate?

Your international marriage certificates issued in Denmark are legally recognized worldwide. Still, for some government or immigration purposes, you may need the other optional maximum level of legalization available on any document.

The apostille stamp is a verification of authenticity by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is likely to be required if you live in Germany or if you are NON-EU. Some countries outside the EU, the USA, Canada, and Australia may require this. We always recommend that you check with the offices where you are using the certificate to be specific. In all cases, we can help with this.

Can I change my name on my wedding day?

In Denmark, you can not change your name on the day (unless you are Danish), but once you register the marriage in your place of nationality and residence, you can change it with your certificate. You can only change your name on your wedding day if you are Danish in Denmark. But changing your name and registering for the wedding is straightforward when you return home. Check with the office of "Births Deaths, and Marriages" or with your Embassy if you live somewhere other than your home country.

What are the ceremonies like, how do they work?

The ceremonies are short. Registry office ceremonies that a registrar conducts will last about ten minutes. Usually, there are some words spoken by the registrar, maybe a poem, then the legal vows are exchanged (you can write your vows too), and then the signing of the registrar. All locations have beautiful ceremony rooms where the wedding will take place. Couples are married for varying reasons. Some couples will marry in jeans and t-shirts, some in traditional clothes and others in tuxedos and wedding dresses, it is entirely up to you.

When should we start planning our wedding abroad?

We advise all our couples to start the process as soon as they have a date in mind.
Denmark, your permission to marry or "Certificate of Marital Status" issued from the Familieretshuset office (which is The Danish Family Court) will be valid for four months (visa depending) from the date of approval, and you will have to marry in that time.

We can start the process and get your file together beforehand and then apply four months before - to give you a greater chance of getting a specific date if you have one in mind, especially Copenhagen City Hall on a Saturday.

When should we start planning our wedding abroad?

We advise all our couples to start the process as soon as they have a date in mind.
Denmark, your permission to marry or "Certificate of Marital Status" issued from the Familieretshuset office (which is The Danish Family Court) will be valid for four months (visa depending) from the date of approval, and you will have to marry in that time.

We can start the process and get your file together beforehand and then apply four months before - to give you a greater chance of getting a specific date if you have one in mind, especially Copenhagen City Hall on a Saturday.

Do I need witnesses for my wedding ceremony?

Do I need witnesses for my wedding ceremony?

It is a legal requirement that two witnesses attend every wedding ceremony in Denmark, these can be family or friends, or they can be arranged with the city hall. In Denmark, witnesses are always organized for you if you need them in any City Hall for a weekday ceremony - there is no extra charge for witnesses on a weekday.

Specific City Halls will require you to bring one or two witnesses for a Saturday (Not places like Copenhagen City Hall or Aeroe though, these are always provided for you at no extra charge).

What documents do you need for a wedding in Denmark?

It depends on your situation, but you do not need many. You no longer need a Marital Status document or your birth certificate.

It would help if you had - Passport or EU ID. Residency permit if you are living in a country that is not your home country. VISA for entry into Denmark.

You are advised to contact us for a free no-obligation documents list on [email protected]. Depending on your situation, you may need to write a relationship document (which we guide and support you through writing).

We help you with the application form and do it all for you if you take one of our services.

How quickly can I get married in Denmark?

We work very quickly and are expert wedding planners in Denmark for every situation and circumstance. You can marry in as little as ten working days after your file is approved.

In certain circumstances, we can marry you in under two weeks from when you have instructed us and sent your documents, and your file is complete. We also work with venues that you can turn up, marry and leave the same day.

Do you do all the Danish Government office contact for us?

Yes, we do.

As part of our service, we issue you with a power of attorney to complete, sign and date, and this means we can speak to The Danish Family Court on your behalf. As an agency, we have different routes of contact via phone and e-mail. It is not easy to get through if you are not an agency and can be on hold for hours, so an agency is worth its value just for that.

With our service, we also make the 240 Euro payment to The Danish Family Court on your behalf, so there is absolutely nothing to pay over.

Do I need a single status certificate?

No, you do not need a single status certificate for Denmark.

Can I get married in Denmark near the German border?

Yes, you most certainly can.

Unlike any other agency, we work with all the City Halls in Denmark, including near the German-Danish border at Flensburg. So we can find you a venue and a date to suit no matter what you want or where. You also have the option of external weddings in places like beaches, lighthouses, gardens (there is an extra cost for this, and you will need to provide your witnesses).

Places like Aabenraa are only a 35-minute drive from the German border. You also have other places like Tonder, Sonderborg, Ribe, Ejsberg, Haderslev - all close to the German border and under a 1-hour drive. So you can get married in Denmark while being a short, convenient distance to Germany.

Some venues offer same-day document presentation and marriage - so you can have breakfast in Germany, lunch in Denmark, and then back home in Germany for a wedding night celebration. As expert wedding planners in Denmark, we can help you with whatever you want and need.

How to contact The Danish Family Court?

It is not easy to contact The communication with Danish Family Court is purely through e-mail. So if you have made an application yourself direct, you are likely in the dark at the moment, or at best, have received an automated e-mail.

The only way to contact The Danish Family Court office via e-mail is via an agency as we have a different contact route exclusively for agencies.

How do I change my Danish wedding date?

We can contact the City Halls on the date that they re-open to re-book the canceled ceremonies.

If you are already approved and have had the marriage license issued, and you cannot marry because of Denmark still being on lockdown - once lockdown is lifted, we can have your file re-opened and extended. If you have a VISA or permit or passport expires, you will need to obtain a new one and send this scan in to add to your file.

If your file is already in but not approved, you can request the file be put on hold to give you time to exit the Schengen area, or add a newly more extended residency permit or VISA to the file and get married at a later date.

When the lockdown is over, if required, we can have your file moved to a City Hall with better availability, and we can do this by contacting The Danish Family Court on your behalf and having the electronic file moved.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have made the payment, the application and process are underway. Work on your file has started cancellation. Refunding for anything other than the legalization service (if you have paid for it and not initiated the service yet) is not possible.

If your application is in with us already and you wish to postpone - you must let us know, and we will do this at no extra charge for as long as The Danish Family Court will allow you to be postponed.

If you wish to re-book your ceremony in the event of an expired license and move forward with another ceremony, we will not charge you another full fee. Still, there will be a non-profit cost 260 Euro fee to cover the new fee we have to pay to The Danish Family Court and the new file and application work we need to do.

Can we get married by Skype in Denmark?

No, it is not possible to get married in a legally binding ceremony on Skype in Denmark. If you want to get married in Denmark, you both need to be present in person.

It is usually possible with the advance agreement of the registrar (via your wedding planner in Denmark) for you to have Skype on during the wedding. So that guests who are unable to attend in person can at least see you on your wedding day and participate via a Skype call - so they can be present in some form as long as this does not negatively impact the registrar and the service in time, duration, or the ability for the registrar to deliver the assistance they need to they are more than happy.

Is getting married in Denmark with a Tourist VISA possible?

Yes, getting married in Denmark with a tourist visa is possible, as long as you have legal entry into Denmark you can get married in Denmark. We see many types of Tourist Visas, Work Visas, Student Visas, residency permits for EU countries that give you entry into Denmark.

Anyone can get married in Denmark even if you are not a resident or citizen of Denmark - as long as you can enter the country you can have your wedding in Denmark.

Can foreigners get married in Denmark?

Yes, absolutely.

Foreign couples, non-Danish residents and citizens, people from all over the world come to Denmark to get married. It is easier to do this and travel to Denmark and thus avoids bureaucracy and long administrational processes in countries of residence. The marriage certificates are international, legally recognised and issued in five different languages and the weddings are fast, it makes Denmark one of the best countries for a fast and easy wedding in the world.

Are you the best option for international couples?


We consider ourselves the best option for international couples and have helped over 5.000 international couples get married in Denmark in legally recognized civil ceremonies worldwide.

Many couples are worried that their situation is complicated, difficult, unusual, unique, complex, and are pretty stressed about it. But there is no situation that we have not had, and we help all manner of NON-EU and EU citizens marry that are residents and citizens all over the world. Different decrees from all over the world, other permits, visas, and situations. We are experts in this field and the document requirements for getting married in Denmark.

There has been no situation with a fast turnaround, and we have not been able to help, with a quick turnaround, in less than a month as we have complete faith in our expertise, knowledge, efficiency, and experience. So we can confidently say that we believe we are the best agency if you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark.

Can you help couples with complicated or difficult situations get married?

Yes, absolutely.

There is no situation for getting married in Denmark that we consider a complicated situation. We have helped over 5.000 international couples get married in Denmark, and we have processed documents from all over the world for the wedding paperwork and applications.

We see documents, decrees, residency, citizenship, death certificates, permits, VISAs, and situations from all over the world. There is no situation that is too complex, individual, different, complicated, or problematic - we have not had a couple, status, or citizenship to date that we have not been able to help get married.

We are so confident that we can help all complicated and international couples get married quickly that we do not charge any extra for fast weddings in under a month. So if you want to get married soon in Denmark, that is all part of the service. We have helped some couples in as little as two days, from the start of the process to the actual wedding day.

What does a Danish legalisation look like?

The legalization in Denmark is an apostille attached to the original document, and the apostille is always in Danish and English and is recognized worldwide.

As Denmark is in the Hague convention, only the apostille is needed rather than the full three-stage legalization in non-Hague convention country-issued documents.

Although the marriage certificates are legally recognized worldwide, the Legalisation is the complete, further, and maximum level of verification and legalisation possible on any document.

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Paula Mosquera
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