How to get married in Denmark with a tourist visa

Denmark is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for international couples looking to tie the knot. The process of getting married in Denmark is renowned for its simplicity and ease, making it an attractive option for international couples. This article will explore why Denmark is the go-to destination for foreigners getting married and how the process caters to those visiting on a tourist visa. Lets get started!

Getting married in Denmark with a tourist visa

First and foremost, Denmark’s reputation as an accessible and welcoming country plays a significant role. Its well-connected airports and a range of accommodation options make it easy for couples from around the globe to arrive in Denmark to celebrate an international marriage in Denmark. The beautiful landscapes, historic castles, and the romantic ambiance of cities like Copenhagen add to its appeal as a wedding destination.

One of the key aspects that make getting married in Denmark appealing, is the simplicity of its marriage laws for foreigners. The Danish government has streamlined the wedding process, minimizing paperwork and bureaucratic hurdles. Unlike many other countries, Denmark doesn’t require a lengthy residency period before marriage and you don’t need a specific visa to get married. 

This aspect is particularly advantageous for those on a tourist visa, as they can plan their wedding without the need to establish long-term residency. So, getting married in Denmark with tourist visa is straightforward. The Danish authorities have set up a system that accommodates tourists wishing to get married during their stay. This includes quick processing times for wedding applications and the possibility of having the ceremony in picturesque locations. 

Minimal required documentation

The process of getting married in Denmark for foreigners, involves remarkably less paperwork compared to other nations. Couples are still required to submit basic documents, such as passports. In some cases more documentation is needed such as a certificate of marital status and birth certificate. This ease of documentation is a relief for many, as it reduces the stress and time often associated with organizing a wedding abroad. 

Getting Married in Denmark with a tourist Visa

Besides the procedural ease, Denmark offers a variety of romantic settings for the wedding ceremony. From the quaint cobblestone streets of old towns to the majestic cliffs of the coast, couples can choose from a wide range of enchanting locations. The country’s rich cultural heritage also adds a unique touch to wedding celebrations.

In summary, getting married in Denmark is a highly appealing option for couples on a tourist visa. The process is characterized by minimal paperwork, no residency requirements, and an overall straightforward approach. This, coupled with Denmark’s beautiful landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, makes it an ideal location for an international marriage. For those dreaming of a hassle-free wedding in a picturesque European country, Denmark stands out as the perfect choice. If you have any specific questions, please check out our FAQ where we ask all the frequently asked questions. We would love to help you find the perfect destination for your wedding in Denmark, so take a look at our services and contact us today.