Get married in Copenhagen, the beautiful and enchanting capital of Denmark. This city isn’t just a hot spot for tourists worldwide; it’s also become a go-to destination for international couples from across the globe. 

We have created this guide to walk you through the essential steps and requirements for marriage in Copenhagen. 

Legal Requirements 

Before you can get married in Copenhagen, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the legal aspect. Both partners must provide valid identification, and non-Danish citizens may require a Certificate of Marital Status from their home country. 

The city, renowned for its city hall, imposes a modest residency requirement of just four days, making it an appealing option for marriage in Denmark for foreigners. It’s also essential to investigate any specific requirements to your nationality to ensure a smooth process when getting married in Copenhagen.

Choosing a Venue

Copenhagen offers a wide range of beautiful venues for your special day, if you have celebration with your loved ones after the ceremony. Whether you’re considering a Copenhagen city hall wedding or exploring other options. From historic castles to modern urban settings, couples can find the perfect backdrop for their wedding in Copenhagen. Make sure you book your venue well in advance, especially during peak wedding season in the summer, to secure your dream location.

Marriage Application Process

To initiate the marriage process in Copenhagen, submit your marriage application to Familieretshuset. At WeddingPlannerDenmark we can help you every step of the way and make sure all the paperwork is ready for you to get married in Copenhagen. 

Once your application is approved, you are ready to say ‘I Do.’ It’s essential to start this process well ahead of your planned wedding date to allow for any unexpected delays.

Copenhagen City Hall wedding

Copenhagen weddings are known for their simplicity and elegance, especially when opting for a Copenhagen city hall wedding ceremony, officiated in Danish or English. 

When you arrive at the City Hall, access the large wedding hall through the staircase positioned on the right side of the main hall. This staircase is easily identifiable by a charming vintage sign that reads “Bryllupssalen 1. Sal” (wedding hall first floor). 

The ceremony will happen in the small room at the end of the large wedding hall. When called by the registrar, proceed into the small wedding room for an intimate wedding ceremony. 

The City Hall provides two witnesses, or you bring your guests who can also be witnesses. After the ceremony, all witnesses, whether provided or chosen by you, will sign the marriage certificate. If you bring your own witnesses, no IDs are required, but they must be 18 or older. 

The actual ceremony only lasts around 4 minutes unless you have chosen to say your own vows. Consider personalizing your vows and make the ceremony uniquely yours. 

After the heartfelt exchange of vows, it’s time to address a few post-wedding formalities. This includes obtaining an international marriage certificate, potentially crucial for legal recognition in your home country. 

With the formalities covered, enjoy your newlywed status by exploring the city’s cultural attractions or indulging in a romantic post-wedding meal at one of Copenhagen’s renowned restaurants.